Middle Valley Church of Christ - Sinner's Welcome
1836 Thrasher Pike, Hixson, TN 37343

     July 15, 1968 The Middle Valley church of Christ had its beginning under a tent at the present Location. During the ten-day meeting it was decided that we would erect a meeting place to continue as a congregation of Christians working and worshiping together for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God in this community. The Holy Scriptures would be our sole, only and complete guide; the only articles of faith or rule of fellowship would be that which is set forth in the Holy Writ for those of our age, that is, those things taught by Jesus, confirmed by those that heard Him, practiced by the early Christians, and set forth in the Holy Scriptures for us. (Hebrews 1:1,2; Hebrews 2:1-5; Acts 2:42; 2 Timothy 3:16,17; Jude 3). Every Person having the privilege and responsibility of reading, studying, interpreting, and drawing their own conclusions from God's Word (2 Timothy 2:15) with whatever help from whatever source they may have access, understanding that their interpretations and conclusions are their own and cannot be law or doctrine for any other person. That all may freely express and discuss their ideas with the group without binding or being bound to comply with the views of another. All would, with love for God and one another, strive to keep such discussions in the bounds of decency and order, always keeping in mind that the Holy Scriptures are the only full and final authority, the only rule for our faith and conduct!

In Short:
  • In Faith Unity - Romans 10:17
  • In Opinion Liberty - Romans 14
  • In All Things Love - John 13:34,35

         As it was then, So is it now, Our Purpose, Aim, Hope, and Prayer to continue in these principles with the hope that it will ever be so as long as this world stands! We have, throughout the years, withstood pressure from within and without to alter our course and submit to personal views of groups and individuals as they strive to make their inferences, opinions, and interpretations law and doctrine. We are persuaded that they had and have good intentions and are sincere in their efforts but we could not, cannot, and will not allow the ideas of men to control those whose loyalty and obedience belongs only to Jesus Christ, our prophet, King, and Priest! We are more persuaded now than we were 43 years ago that no man or group of men must ever be allowed to control God's people with their, inferences, interpretations, and conclusions but must allow every Christian to study and be guided by the pure and unadulterated word of the most high God as set forth in the Holy Scriptures! On These Grounds We Have Invited And Do Invite And Welcome All! We cannot, We Will Not, We Must Never Tolerate Any Person Or Person's That Will In Any Way Demand That We Accept And Bind Their Views! We Will Happily Discuss With All And Any Whatever View They May Hold As Long As They Agree To Let The Bible Speak Where The Bible Speaks And They Will Hold Their Peace Where There Is No Clear "Thus Saith The Lord!" "We Are Determined To Go wherever God Through The Truth Shall Lead Us"

              Jim Clements, For The Middle Valley Church of Christ

    We are now celebrating 43 years in the Middle Valley area!
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    Middle Valley Chuch of Christ
    1836 Thrasher Pike, Hixson TN, 37343
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